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If you are looking for a good price and excellent service Americord is the solution, is an umbilical cord blood bank with an excellent price scheme recollecting twice as many cells than any other banks.

Take into account that blood, tissues and the cord’s placenta will be only used for your baby, for you and your family, thanks to their genetic code. They can be used in case of emergency if required.

Americord uses a virtual calculator to get the best prices, you can create your own price plan, adapting it to your needs.

Cord Blood 2.0

This blood bank has a technology designed by MD, Robert Dracker, the Cord Blood 2.0. This updated and modern process recollects twice as many cells as any other bank in the world.

The bank is led by a top New York Hematologist. The  3-in 1 recollection kit Cod Blood 2.0, approved by the FDA contains a sterile bag, backed by experts.

This quite simple guide will help us compile a list of prices published in many of the most popular banks in the world.

The comparison helps us reconsider the performance of the stem cells, certified by the FDA and a quality guaranteed by the modern law.


  1. The fastest medical messaging system in the USA.
  2. 24/7 the 365 days of the year.
  3. The innovative Americord blood donation system 2.0 allows
  4. The conservation of twice as much stem cells.
  5. These cells can be stored at a really low price.


Storing stem cells doesn’t mean they are going to be of help for any situation. A doctor will determine their usage. Take into account that Americord’s activity logs are limited to the recollection of umbilical cord tissues from an autologous donor. The possession of a New York license doesn’t mean that Americord will have the approbation or right to use these cells for any future process.

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Currently, Americord keeps low prices competing with other banks, it is advisable to try this bank located in new york offering “3-in-1 Collection Kit is backed by clinical outcomes and rigorous testing”.



TOLL-FREE: (866) 389-3448

ADDRESS: 139 Fulton St. Suite 707- New York, NY 10038



Americord Cost

Cord Blood
Including 20 Years of Storage  Payment

$3,499 Cheaper than others

Cord Tissue Cost

Including 20 Years of Storage  Payment

$3,499 Cheaper than others

Placenta Tissue Cost

Including 20 Years of Storage  Payment

$3,999 ” Exclusive of Americord”

Pricing Overview

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