Cord Blood, Cells Special - Recovery Options - Autism Treatment

What is Cord Blood

The blood contained in the umbilical cord is quite abundant in the stem cells, life creators, and these cells are key to combat some diseases which can put your family in danger, to store these cells the cord blood bank used privately or publicly for future.

Cord Blood Banking Pros and Cons


  • It’s 100% compatible with the baby.
  • The cord blood contains biologically young virgin cells in a state of constant evolution with regenerative characteristics.
  • The potential use is used in transplantation presenting a lower risk.
  • They are used in autologous transplantation, known as auto implants, used in the same person, used in cancer patients, extract the blood for use in the same patients after chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Available for emergencies stopping the progression of the disease.


  • The compatibility is not advantageous with figures of 25% between siblings and 50% among parents.
  • Blood collection is insufficient given that the sick person requires abundant stem cells, this deficiency produces instability and vulnerability to infections the first 3 months.
  • There is a rare possibility of transmitting any genetic disease, although the blood is analyzed to find common diseases such as sickle cell anemia, does not guarantee success.

Why are These Cells Special

The importance of conserving the umbilical cord blood is biological beneficial if they are conserved active and young, as they will help treat many Hematological diseases, stored in specialized banks that will secure them for a future emergency.

Unique Advantages

  • Improves the percentage success during a transplant operation.
  • Using an anthologist transplant to help you combat some diseases modern medicine can’t cure.
  • Available at any time, when it will be needed the most, stored at a safe temperature.

More Stem Cells Equal to More Recovery Options

Until 2017 no other bank has this technology, a great limitation of umbilical cord blood banking that they have not been able to improve, attributing more efficiency, benefits, and quality to patient collecting twice as many stem cells as the others. This preserved for your next requirement.

Securing an exact compatibility

Opting to secure these cells, you will be securing the exact compatibility with your baby and probably, other members of your family. For you to use this blood is required to cryo store it and keep it stored in a blood bank, your family will have access to these cells, maybe, even to save their lives.

It has been multiplied up to 328 times in skin regeneration transplants (epidermólisis bullosa), as for cardiopathy and type 1 diabetes. The umbilical cord blood for leukemia treatment help improve the survival chances and lowering the risk of a relapse.

Autism treatment

The autism is a neurologic disease affecting the speech, social capacities and the nervous system. These helped lower the autism symptoms, improving their expressiveness during conversations, diagnosis showed in a 12-month study. Other diseases can be treated such as Immunological diseases, metabolic disorders, leukemia, among others.

Donating the Umbilical cord blood

It doesn’t hurt, doesn’t transmit any diseases and it’s quite secure for the baby and mother. The blood extraction is quite fast, done in 5 minutes:

-First, the blood flow is stopped by using a special surgical staple, right after that, the cord is cut and a needle is introduced inside the cord to extract the blood.

-At least 4 to 6 oz is extracted from the placenta.

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